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- to the lifeless environment to▓ form a mini biosphere, which is expected to produce the first flower on the moon.Chinese space ▓engineers a

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lso plan to get data by constantly measurin▓g temperatures on the surface of the moon."Exploring th

e far side of the moon is one contribution China is making to the world. Although we still don't know what we might find, this exploration might influence several generations," s▓aid Shen Zhenron

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  • sh National Space Agenc▓y, said exploration of th
  • e far side of the moon was a great ach
  • ievement by China. "We are▓ very happy to be a part of
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  • surface of the moon is formed by the intera▓ction
  • of solar wind with the surface regolith. ▓So th
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g, a designer of the lunar rover.Wu Weiren said: "Exploring the unknown is human nature. The moon is a mysterious world to us. We

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have a responsibility to explore and to under▓stand it. Exploration of the moon will also deepen our un▓derstanding of Earth and o

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urselves."Please▓ scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease s▓can the QR Code to follow us on Wec▓hatBamboo fills pand

ueqiao and a micro satellite orbiting the moon, is equipped with four▓ payloads developed through int

farmers' wallets in SW ChinaBamboo fills pandas' stomachs and farm▓ers' wallets in SW ChinaBamboo fills pandas' stomachs and farmers' wallets in SW China04-26-2018 09:52 BJTKnown a

坕se in space exploration."I think one of th▓e beauties of sp

s the preferred diet of the giant panda, bam

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ace science is that we do cooper▓ate internationally. Space

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science to▓ me is something important, also as a message of peace worldwide,

to▓ help the impoverished shake off poverty in southwest China.Fang Yongqi dropped out of scho

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ol when he was 14 because his family couldn't afford tuition fees. He had to learn to carve bamboo roots to make a living. A

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lthough s▓urrounded by bamboo forests, neither he nor other v▓illagers fully realized the value of bambo

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  • cene▓ry of the bamboo forests, Fang can now earne

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  • d more than one million yuan (158,000 U.▓S. dollars

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e from Earth. From there, they can study the origins and evolution of stars and galaxies

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    he dawn of the universe. by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    wn, villagers cultivate bamboo fung▓us, or crinoline stinkhorn, a delicacy in some Asian countries, which grows in well-rotted bamboo.Long Chaogui, 49, once a migrant worker, decided to stay in the village and develop his o▓wn bamboo business.In the eyes of Long, bamboo is the "golden key" to change his hard life. He sold ▓

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    s low-frequency radio as by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    bamboo and bamboo shoots at first, and finally grew bamb▓oo fungus, which brought him more than 400,000 yu▓an last year. Long is now planning to expand his business this year.Since there is a high demand for ▓this kind of mushroom, other villagers▓ have followed suit to develop bamb▓oo-related business.The bamboo have also at

  • tronomical instrum

    ents developed by Chin by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    tracted businesses to Sichuan. Bamboo has ▓been developed as a raw material to produce▓ paper, charcoal, wine and fiber products. Those products▓ increase employment and incomes for local residents."With the largest area of bamboo ▓forests of any province, the bamboo industry has b▓ecome a pillar industry in some regions of Sic

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    ntists. "Conduct▓ing su by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    huan. Total▓ output has reached one billion yuan," said Ma Ping, an official with the provincial forestry department.The▓re are more than 1.16 million hectares of commercial bamboo plantations in the province, which is also the habitat of nearly 1,800 gia▓nt pandas.Chen Yingjun, a farmer in Wolong▓ Town in southwest China's

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